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Step-by-step R tutorials for statistical research and data science.

How to Import a CSV File in R: 6 Easy Steps

How To Import A CSV File in R. Source:

In this lesson, we will learn how to import a CSV File in R. We are going to explore two convenient methods to achieve this: using the user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) of R Studio and delving into direct coding…

Normality Test in R: A Step-by-Step Guide

Test Normality Test In R. Source:

Performing a normality test in R is an essential skill for data analysts and statisticians alike, which helps to understand the distribution of data within a sample. Normality refers to a bell-shaped curve representing how frequently different values occur within…

Simple Example of Linear Regression in R

Example of linear regression in R. Source:

In this practical example of linear regression in R, we will learn how to predict the fuel efficiency of a car based on its weight. We will start by importing a dataset, calculating linear regression using the lm() function and making predictions using…